What Is Beehive Playcentre?

Beehive is Early Learning for children ages 3 - 5 years. Beehive offers your child a caring, safe and fun educational environment equipped for optimal development and learning opportunities. We are a friendly and caring community based centre that strongly believe that our children are our greatest asset. Together our teacher and teacher’s aide follow the Early Years Learning Framework.


When Are the Sessions On?

Beehive sessions are run during school terms. Children are dropped off for the session.

Tuesday 9am - 12pm                                                       

Thursday 9am -12pm


How Are the Sessions Structured?

09.00 - 10.15 

Children arrive and are welcomed. They are free to choose activities set up around the room and the art room. The children are encouraged to find activities that interest them and are also introduced to other activities.


10.15 - 10.30 

Children are invited to help pack up the tables in time for the group time together where we can share a story, join in some songs and rhymes before we have morning tea. Each child brings their own morning tea and they sit around the tables to eat together.


10.30 - 11.45

Depending on the weather we then go outside for some outdoor play. If it is wet, we can explore the deck. Children have a great big boat sand pit, bikes, cubby house and a variety of toys for exploring their surroundings and developing gross motor skills.


11.45 - 12.00 

After packing up outside we gather again in a group for a chat, story and our finale - singing the Beehive Song together!       


How Does Beehive Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten?

Children at Beehive get an introduction to independent learning as they have the opportunity to grow and explore their world without Mum and Dad around. They have the chance to make friends with other children in the local community who will be attending similar schools. Socialisation and independence are the main focus of the kindergarten years.


What Does It Cost to Send My Child to Beehive? How Do I Pay?

Beehive sessions cost $25 per session. You will be invoiced early in each term, with two-week payment terms. Invoices can be paid by direct deposit or cash. 


How Do I Enrol?

You can pop in to our centre during session times to pick up an enrolment form, email us at beehiveplaycentre@gmail.com, send us a message on our Facebook page or you can print out an enrolment form and send it to 33 Sandfly Road, Margate Tasmania 7054. 


When Can I Start?

Your child can start at Beehive as soon as your child turns three. You can start on either day or both days depending on your needs.


How Can I Be Involved in My Child's Time at Beehive?

We at Beehive believe it is important that you and your family are given the opportunity to be involved in your child's learning and development. That is why we strongly advise parents to participate via parent help at any time during the year.


As we are a community based centre we are run via a Parent Committee. We always welcome parents who are keen and willingly to help make Beehive continue to be an enjoyable place for your children and future children to learn and grow. Each year a new committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting held in March. 


Parents often comment that they have become involved with a network of parents and these friendships last into primary school years. It has helped to smooth the way into this new world of school and helps to make the transition into school much easier for parents as well as children. 

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